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Hot Liquid Silicone Rubber For Beauty Robot Making

1. Hot liquid silicone rubber for beauty robot Introduction

 The product is a two-component, translucent, additional liquid silicone rubber with superior mechanical properties, particularly for button production of silicone rubber in high hardness and high strength

2. Hot liquid silicone rubber for beauty robot Features

Fast curing; high transparency; superior mechanical properties; No curing by-products; Easy color; Safe non-toxic; Good breathability; Heat resistance; Good weather resistance; Ultraviolet radiation, salt mist, hand sweat, boiled, high-temperature baking certificated.

3. Hot liquid silicone rubber for beauty robot Applications

Real doll,sex doll,sex toys,adult toys, body parts

4. Hot liquid silicone rubber for beauty robot Technique Data Sheet 

Appearance: Translucent

Hardness(shore A): 20±2

Mix ratio(A:B): 1:1/10:1

Viscocity Part A(mPa.s): 23000±2000

Viscocity Part B(mPa.s): 3500±500

Tensile strength (kgf/cm2): 45±5

Tear-strength (kN/m): 20±2

Elongation(%): 500±50

Pot life/working time (mins): 30-40

Curing time/setting time (hrs): 3-4hrs(25°C)


Shrinkage rate (%): 0.1

 (Note: Other hardness is adjustable)