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Mold Making Silicone Rubber

Mold Making Silicone Rubber is a room temperature double-temperature mold adhesive (Room Temperature Vulcanization), referred to as RTV. This is a two component compound. Wherein component A contains a crosslinking agent and component B contains a catalyst. The cross-linking agent must be separated from the catalyst during the packaging process.
Its vulcanization is carried out at room temperature, as long as the two components are mixed according to a certain ratio (the specific ratio can be determined according to the operation time and product properties), and the two component compounds undergo a crosslinking reaction to form a flexible and elastic colloid. Therefore, the silica gel is suitable for use in POLAR resin (EPOXY), Pu foam resin, gypsum, cement, candles, electronics and other craft plants, toy factories, electronics factories, lighting factories, silk screen factories, candle factories, for production of decorative crafts and reproduction of products, manufacturing molds.
The Mold Making Silicone Rubber is generally composed of a base glue, a crosslinking agent, a catalyst, a filler, and the like. The mold silicone rubber can be cured at room temperature, has good fluidity, no deformation, and only a slight line shrinkage.
(1) Good chemical stability, non-toxic, non-corrosive;
(2) It has good fluidity and can automatically fill the mold;
(3) It can control the vulcanization rate, vulcanize at room temperature and normal pressure, and is easy to operate;
(4) good release property;
(5) Strong simulation, realistic decoration;
(6) The molding speed is fast, and the mold can be made within 20 hours.
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