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Encapsulants And Potting Compound

Encapsulants And Potting Compound can be devided into potting silica gel and sealed silicone.
The potting silica gel is mostly composed of two components, one of which is a rubber compound and the other component is mainly a curing crosslinking agent. The potting compound has stable dielectric insulation and is an effective guarantee for preventing environmental pollution. At the same time, it can eliminate the stress generated by shock and vibration in a large temperature and humidity range.
Sealed silicone is a liquid silicone rubber. The product is sealed by vulcanization molding the liquid colloid onto the surface of the product to achieve heat insulation, moisture resistance, anti-mite, insulation and the like. It is a new type of insulating material synthesized by silicone. It has the characteristics of no exotherm, no corrosion and small shrinkage when curing. It is suitable for various sealing and casting of electronic components to form an insulation system. Used as potting, bonding, coating materials for electronic components and electronic and electrical components that require waterproof insulation, LED screens, wind energy motors, PCB substrates, etc. And various power modules, the control module is bonded and sealed.
1. It is flame retardant.
2. It has low viscosity, fluidity, self-discharge, and can be more convenient to potting complex electronic components, which can be poured into the nuances.
3. Silica gel has detachability. The sealed components can be removed for repair and replacement, and then repaired with the potting glue without leaving any traces.
4. The rubber compound is stored for a long time after mixing under normal temperature conditions, but it can be quickly solidified under heating conditions, which is beneficial to the use on the automatic production line.
5. It does not shrink during the curing process and has better waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-aging properties.
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